Globally Pre-Sentient Potion for Mounts

Globally Pre-Sentient Potion for Mounts

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Globally Pre-Sentient Potion for Mounts

This potion makes mounts Globally Pre-Sentient, giving them the ability to reach destinations shown to them automatically.

On use:

  • Applies the Autopilot Potion to your mount
  • Your mount gains the ability to automatically travel from point A to point B
  • Open the world map and right-click on your destination of choice

Your mount is able to take the various shortcuts permitted in the game. If entering an area requires you to speak to an in-game character, use a Zaap, or be in certain areas (for example, Dark Vlad's Maze), your mount won't be smart enough to do so!

The Autopilot Potion cannot be used on petsmounts, as these are not considered mounts.

Autopilot capability is not an inherited trait.

This item will be linked to your account for 62 days.