Character transfer to new server

Character transfer to new server

Are your buddies on another server? Teleport your characters and join them!
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Transfers are done during the weekly maintenance on Tuesday mornings, for transfers requested up until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time).
Transfers requested after 12:00 a.m. (Paris time) on Mondays will be processed on the following Tuesday.


Elements linked to your character are transferred:

  • your inventory, your kamas, your equipped items
  • your equipped mount, and its inventory


The following elements are not transferred:

  • your bank
  • your haven bag – chest contents and room customizations
  • your house
  • your items currently up for sale in the Marketplace
  • your paddocks, your mounts in paddocks and stables, and the mount certificates in your inventory (they are automatically deposited in your bank before the transfer)
  • your character will also be automatically removed from their guild and their alliance before leaving the server

 Don't forget to prepare for your transfer before the weekly maintenance (on Tuesday morning)!


Transfer Conditions:

  • If your character's name is already in use on the new server, you will have to rename your character the first time you log on after.
  • The server transfer is permanent (unless you choose to use the "Character Transfer" service again).
  • There must be an open slot on the server for the character to be transferred.
  • Transfer is not available:
    • to Monocompte servers (it is possible from a Monocompte server to a classic server),
    • to or from a Temporis server (a free transfer between Temporis servers is available when the Temporis servers are open),
    • to or from the Shadow epic server.
  • If you want to transfer multiple characters from an account, you'll get a 4,000 ogrine discount on each additional transfer requested in the same week.


See the FAQ on this service for more information.