Character transfer to new account

Character transfer to new account

This service lets you instantly transfer a character from one of your accounts to another or to a new account.
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Character transfer to account

Want to transfer your character to a new account? Or perhaps you'd like to rediscover the joy of playing your first character but they're languishing in an abandoned account? You need the character transfer service.


Transferring a character from one account to another also transfers:

  • Equipped items and items in the inventory, including items linked to the character or the account.
    Be careful, if your character has Veteran Rewards, you won't be able to use them if the target account does not meet the cumulative subscription time conditions.
  • Your kamas
  • Your guild and your alliance
  • Quests and character achievements
    About achievements linked to accounts:
    • The initial account keeps the achievements linked to that account. It's not possible to obtain the achievement rewards a second time after the character that earned them has left.
    • The arrival account is credited with the achievements unblocked by the transferred character. The associated rewards cannot be earned again by another character on the target account.

The following stays with the original account:

  • your bank
  • your house
  • your Haven Bag (its themes and additional rooms) and its contents
  • your items in the Marketplace
  • your ogrines



  • The character you are transferring must be level 20 or higher.
  • You must be able to authenticate the account (or both accounts) using the Authenticator or Shield, if they are active, and have access to the registered phone number.
  •  When transferring to an existing account:
    • Both accounts must be at least four months old.
    • Both accounts must be registered with the same first and last name, have the same community, and the same registered phone number.
    • You must have a character slot available in the target account.
  • When transferring to a new account:
    • The new account is automatically created once the service is purchased.
    • Personal information (first and last name, email, community, phone number) will automatically be duplicated.

Having trouble using the service? Read the  service FAQ for more information on how it works and the conditions of eligibility.