Character restoration

Character restoration

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Restore a character

An experiment gone wrong or a fit of rage after losing to Ilyzaelle? For whatever reason, your character was accidentally deleted. Don't panic – you can get it back immediately with character restoration!

Your character will be restored with all its equipment, items, and the kamas it was carrying when it was deleted.



  • This service is not available on the Shadow server.
  • The character will be restored to its original server.
  • If the character name is already in use on the server, you will have to change it (for free) before connecting.
  • Only characters level 20 or higher can be restored.
  • There must be an available character slot on the account for the server type. If one is not available, you will have to either delete an existing character or add a new slot (PUT LINK TO THE ITEM IN THE SHOP).

Only characters deleted after February 15, 2011, can be fully restored with this system (characters deleted between June 1, 2010, and February 15, 2011, can be partially restored without equipment).

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