Class Change levels 1 to 200+

Class Change levels 1 to 200+

$ 32,99
 20 000
Change how you play by changing your class without changing your character.
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Class Change Potion [200]

Class change conditions:

  • Once you pay for this service, a class change potion will appear in your gift interface; it can be used to change the class of a character level 200+.
  • The potion is linked to the account and is not exchangeable.
  • Drink the potion immediately. The class change will happen the next time you log on to that character and it will be binding (you cannot change back to the class you are already playing).
  • Once you've chosen your new class, you will also be able to change your character's gender, face, and colors (but not their name).
  • Your character will keep all of their possessions, professions, achievements, and quests (except class quests).
  • Your characteristic points as well as your rankings and Kolossium leagues will be reset.
  • Once you drink the potion, there's no going back.



The class change is done with a potion. Several potions are available at different prices depending on character level. Be sure to select the correct potion for your character.

Class change is free up to and including level 20. Go see Andre Inkarnay at the Incarnam Inn to pick up a potion that will let you make this change for free.

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