Booster 30 days

Booster 30 days

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  • +50% XP (combat and profession)
  • +25% chance to drop items at the end of combats 
  • +30% Kamas at the end of the combat 
  • Control 3 characters at the same time with the Hero System
  • Secondary characters gain more experience 
  • Unllimited reset of skills and specialities
  • Vote for governor’s elections in your nation

Please note: The booster doesn't offer exactly the same features on the single-account servers.

Here are the booster's characteristics on single-account servers:


  • +100% XP (combat and professions)


  • +50% chance to get more items from combat


  • +50% kamas at the end of every fight


  • Your secondary characters gain more experience


  • Skill points can be reset at will


  • Vote in the elections for your nation's governor


  • Immortal pets


  • Tokens x2


  • Hero system isn't available