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Do you have a really powerful item that has the appearance of a hessian sack? Well, worry no longer, fashion-conscious adventurer because with the Mimisymbic, you can change the appearance of an item without having to sacrifice its statistics.

Instructions :

- The item that takes on the new appearance can now be of any level.

- The Mimisymbic item is no longer linked to an account or character upon fusion if it was not originally linked.

- The item from which the appearance is taken and the mimisymbic are destroyed upon fusion.

- Every aspect of mimisymbicing, in other words, both the Mimisymbic and the item that takes on the new appearance, can now be traded.

- An already mimisymbicited item can be mimisymbicited again (no need to remove the appearance).

Be careful, when this item is bought with Ogrines coming from Steam, the ingame shop or Kama Exchange, the item is linked to the account.