Transfer a character to new account

Transfer a character to new account

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Character transfer to account

Are your Heroes scattered across a bunch of accounts? Get them back together, for Djaul’s sake! And finally form an ace company!

This service lets you transfer a character from one account to another. You can move your character to an existing account or a brand-new one. It’s the best way to take full advantage of the Heroes service!


  • The account-to-account transfer is permanent.
All equipment in your inventory or currently equipped on your character will be transferred. 

When you transfer a character from one account to another, you keep:

  • All items in your inventory, including quest items
  • The character’s spell deck customization
  • The character’s Haven Bag.
  • The character’s nation.
  • The character will remain in the same guild.
  • The character’s citizenship points.

The service doesn’t save:

  • Company leader status, if applicable
  • Your account chest
  • The character’s sidekicks
  • Pending items in your gift interface
  • Your friend list
  • Pending rewards
  • Profession linked to your account
  • Emotes linked to your account
  • Title linked to your account
  • Your account cosmetics (costumes, pet skins, mount skins, finishers, auras, and races)

However, the following elements can be transferred, under some conditions:

  • Your Sidekicks, if they are removed from your Sidekick interface and put into your inventory
  • Equipment on your Sidekicks, if it is put in your inventory
  • The contents of your account chest, if these items are placed in your inventory
  • Equipped items cannot be transferred. All your items must be put in your character's inventory

When transferring a character to a pre-existing account:

  • The two must belong to the same community and to the same server, be at least four months old and the surname attached to these accounts must be the same. Both accounts must also have the same phone number registered. The destination account must be currently certified, and must have been certified during at least the 4 previous months.
  • You must be able to authenticate both accounts (with the Ankama Authenticator)

Questions? Having trouble using the service?

Check the FAQ for more information on how it works and who’s eligible.