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1 Year Pirate Pack

1 Year Pirate Pack

$ 64,99
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Guild Pirate Costume
Unique Pirate Costume
Pirate Moon Skin
Kokotaes Skin
Sharpen Your Weapon
Chameleon Boat Skin
Guild Boat Skin

Ready to sail the World of Twelve, come hell or high water? This pack contains: 

•    A 360-day booster 
•    A Unique Pirate Costume (matching the character's colors) 
•    A Guild Pirate Costume (matching the guild's colors)
•    A Moon Pirate pet skin (linked to account) 
•    A Kokotaes pet skin (linked to account)
•    A Guild Boat petsmount skin (account-linked and matching the guild's colors) 
•    Chameleon Boat Petsmount Skin(linked to account,adapts to match character colors)
•    The "Sharpen your Weapon" emote