Ogrine Digger Pack Ogrine Digger Pack Ogrine Digger Pack Ogrine Digger Pack

Ogrine Digger Pack

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Day of DOFUS Retro subscription
Magical Orb
Ogrine Seeker
Ogrine Digger's Shield
Ogrine Digger's Hat
Ogrine Digger's Cloak
Ogrine Seeker Hormone

Want a pack that combines style, roleplay, a pet, a subscription, and resources? Look no further! The Ogrine Digger Pack has found you! With it, you can explore the World of Twelve better than ever while everyone stares at you with jealousy and awe.

This pack contains:

  • a 30-day subscription to DOFUS Retro (also valid for DOFUS)
  • a magical orb (linked to account, resets your characteristic points once)
  • a Chtiger Set:
    • 1 Ogrine Digger's Cloak
    • 1 Ogrine Digger's Hat
    • 1 Ogrine Digger's Shield
      (Each item is linked to the account for 62 days.)
  • three mimisymbics (linked to account; the mimisymbic can apply the appearance of an item of equipment to another item of equipment (host), which will keep its characteristics)
  • an Ogrine Seeker pet (linked to account for 62 days)
    • level 1
    • 0 to 50% damage
  • Ogrine Seeker Hormone: This dehydrated growth hormone can be used to make a powerful potion that will improve the characteristics of your pet
  • 6,000 ogrines

This pack can only be purchased once per account.