Croum Croum


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Hippi-Ho for Croum
  • Croum pet*: A retired toy soldier, this metal creature suddenly came to life one day, and will follow you everywhere you go, risking its life to save yours. All you have to do in return is feed the little guy regularly. Don't expect it to fight your fights for you, though – it won't be replacing the low-level adventurers of Astrub anytime soon.
    • Level : 1
    • Effects :
      • 0 to 20% Water Resistance
      • 0 to 20% Air Resistance
      • 0 to 20% Earth Resistance
      • 0 to 20% Fire Resistance
      • 0 to 20% Neutral Resistance
  • Hippi-Ho for Croum**: With this powerful pill, you can increase the characteristics of your  Croum for good. Be careful, though. Don't give it more than one dose or you'll have a dead Scarador or Croum on your hands. Speaking of which, both meats are very, very tasty. It's best to leave it marinade for... okay, I'll stop talking.

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**This item will be linked to your account for 63 days.



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