El Scarador El Scarador

El Scarador

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El Scarador
Hippi-Ho for El Scarador
  • El Scarador pet*: This charming little southern beetle is in fact a thoroughly fearsome creature. Humiliated by its friends as a young beetle, it decided to take revenge. Just tell it if a Scaraleaf is giving you grief, and it'll be glad to sort it out for you.
    • Level : 1
      • Effects :
        • 0 to 20% Water Resistance
        • 0 to 20% Air Resistance
        • 0 to 20% Earth Resistance
        • 0 to 20% Fire Resistance
        • 0 to 20% Neutral Resistance
  • Hippi-Ho for El Scarador*: With this powerful pill, you can increase the characteristics of your El Scarador for good. Be careful, though. Don't give it more than one dose or you'll have a dead Scarador or Croum on your hands. Speaking of which, both meats are very, very tasty. It's best to leave it marinade for... okay, I'll stop talking.


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