Protectors Pack

Protectors Pack

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Jiva's Pack
Pouchecot's Pack
Brumaire's Pack
Sumens Pack
Silvosse pack
Ulgrude Pack
Silouate Pack
Raval Pack
Hecate Pack
Rosal Pack
Maimane Pack
Djaul Pack
Chevelure flamboyante de Solar

Get the Solar Pack free with every Protector Pack purchase!

Solar Pack:

  • A Solar Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Solar's Burning Memory ceremonial pet

Jiva Pack:

  • A Jiva Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Javian Spirit pet
  • A Jiva's Frozen Lance emote

Silvosse Pack:

  • A Silvosse Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Flovor Spirit pet
  • A Cycle of Silvosse emote

Ulgrude Pack

  • An Ulgrude Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Martalo Spirit chameleon pet
  • An Ulgrude's Growling Thunder emote

Silouate Pack

  • A Silouate Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • An Aperirel Spirit pet
  • A Silouate's Defrosting Breath emote

Rosal Pack

  • A Rosal Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Maysial Spirit pet
  • A Rosal's Climbing Plant emote

Sumens Pack

  • A Sumens Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Junssidor Spirit pet
  • A Sumens's Opulence emote

Hecate Pack

  • A Hecate Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Jullier Spirit pet
  • A Hecate's Kiss emote

Pouchecot Pack

  • A Pouchecot Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Frauguctor Spirit pet
  • A Pouchecot's Ripening emote

Raval Pack

  • A Raval Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield + Shoulder Pads)
  • A Septangel Spirit petsmount
  • A Raval Manifestation emote

Maimane Pack

  • A Maimane Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • An Octolliard Spirit petsmount
  • A Maimane's Quietude emote

Brumaire Pack

  • A Brumaire Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Novamaire Spirit petsmount
  • A Brumaire's Frost emote

Djaul Pack

  • A Djaul Set (Cape + Headgear + Shield)
  • A Descendre Spirit petsmount
  • A Djaul's Fury emote


These sets all consist of ceremonial items. The pets and petsmounts are ceremonial as well. Also be aware that each item is linked to the account for 6 months.


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