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If you're a supporter of scorched earth tactics and prefer to hear coal sizzling than grasshoppers chirping, then you'll have a friend in Beelzebug. Just as fiery (though not quite as evil) as his name suggests, this sidekick lives to play with fire. Despite being aggressive, impulsive and liable to blow his top at any moment, he still keeps his distance so he can strike enemies like a bolt from the blue. Beelzebug will make your enemies break into a sweat, and with good reason... He's on fire!

This item allows you to summon Beelzebug, a Sidekick that will fight by your side during battle. His specialty? Long-range fire-type damages! He can blast monsters while staying far away from them. Convenient, isn't it?  

More information about the Sidekick system here.

Please note: you can only equip one signal at a time, and you will need to be at least level 30 and currently subscribed to use this item.
This item will be linked to your account for 62 days.

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