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Standard Pack

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* Gems are an in-game currency used to unlock cosmetic items in WAVEN. Use them to get skins for your heroes, companions, Haven Island, and boat, along with visual effects, emotes, and speech bubbles to customize your adventure in the World of Twelve.
1 Gems
Standard Founder's Emote 1
Standard Founder's Emote 2
Standard Founder's Emote 3
Standard Founder's Emote 4
Standard Founder's Trophy

Ahoy, matey! Get ready to weigh anchor as we cast off for Waven’s Early Access!

Start sailing the high seas with the Standard Founder’s Pack which contains bonuses worthy of your pioneering status. Stand out with these unique cosmetic elements exclusively available during the Early Access!

This Founder’s Pack contains:

  • 3,000x Gems*
  • 4x Broken Sword emotes
  • 1x Throne trophy
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