Legendary Pack Legendary Pack Legendary Pack Legendary Pack Legendary Pack Legendary Pack Legendary Pack

Legendary Pack

$ 59,99
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Wakfu Booster token 180 days
Unique New Age Costume
Guild New Age Costume
Unique New Age Mount
Guild New Age Mount
Unique New Age Pet
Guild New Age Pet
Title: Builder
Title: Pioneer of the New Age
Sit on a Throne
White Sadida Bag
Haven Bag Chest Tab
Adventurer Box
Slippery Run
Super Growth Kibble
[WAKFU] - Early Access
Oh, you're not the stuff of legend yet? All you had to do was ask. This pack contains: 
  • a Unique New Age costume (chameleon)
  • a Guild New Age costume (chameleon)
  • a Unique New Age pet skin (chameleon)*
  • a Guild New Age pet skin (chameleon)*
  • a Unique New Age mount skin (chameleon)*
  • a Guild New Age mount skin (chameleon)*
  • an exclusive mythical title: Builder*
  • an exclusive legendary title: Pioneer of the New Age*
  • a token for a 180-day booster**
  • the "Sit on a throne" emote*
  • 2 White Sadida Bags
  • 3 Haven Bag chest tabs
  • 28,000 Ogrines
  • an Adventurer Box
  • a Slippery Run*
  • Super Growth Kibble
    plus a 48-hour early-access pass!
*(linked to account)
**180 days of Wakfu booster tokens

To activate your boostertokens, go to :

Click Here,

in the CODES & GIFTS window, by clicking on your avatar in your launcher,


Please note: The booster doesn't offer exactly the same features on the single-account servers.


Here are the booster's characteristics on single-account servers:


  • +100% XP (combat and professions)


  • +50% chance to get more items from combat


  • +50% kamas at the end of every fight


  • Your secondary characters gain more experience


  • Skill points can be reset at will


  • Vote in the elections for your nation's governor


  • Immortal pets


  • Tokens x2


  • Hero system isn't available